How to plan, maintain and correctly reduce

Preparing for the wedding - it's quite an emotional process. The lure of impulsive decisions waits for you at every step: you may suddenly want to arrange colorful firework or put on trendy shoes you fell in love with first sight.

In addition, you will have a lot of small expenses like cake spatulas and gifts for guests.

Those small expenses can add up really fast. Therefore, without thoughtful planning

wedding budget is indispensable.

Fortunately, there is already proven scheme, which used by wedding planners - and you

just have to follow it. I will tell you step by step instructions.

Decide your budget

Take as a starting point the amount you are willing to spend . Not the maximum, for the sake of who will want to go into debt, not minimum, due to which you you will have to sacrifice , but the most average - the one that would be

comfortable for you. As practice shows, this amount may increase, but to decrease - unlikely.

Choose your priorities

Start with the question “What is the most important for you?" to

determine your own priorities. You will spend a little more on those items, saving elswhere. You will invest in them, knowing that they will bring you more emotional satisfaction .

Normally there are few priorities, it may be:

  • venue
  • unique flower arch and table arrangements
  • special food and quality wine list for guests
  • custom made wedding dress
  • night in a premium hotel with SPA and massage
  • entertainment program
  • live band

Get a wedding planner book

You will need a tool for budgeting. Where you can

add all of your expenses, paid deposits, remaining balances and so on .

Create budget chart

Groom reserved venue, bride bought dress, and then a couple

finds that most of the wedding budget has already been spent - but you still need décor, food, professional team and more. To prevent this from happening

you need a budget chart. Even before you start spending money, it will show you how much and where you can spend.

Don't forget about small expenses

Most of the time couple remembers about those expenses when it's time to pay for them. Include them in your budget right away, so they won't become as an unpleasant surprise.

  • altering of dress or suit
  • hair and make-up rehearsal
  • transportation for guests
  • rings engraving
  • delivery of invitations
  • corkage fee at the venue
  • souvenirs for guests
  • bachelorette and bachelor parties

How to reduce the budget

  • reduce your guest list
  • select the venue where you would need a minimal décor
  • plan your wedding in low season
  • have a wedding on weekday
  • use fewer fresh flowers in décor
  • create an online invitations instead of printed

How not to cut on budget

  • cheap food and alcohol
  • hire your friends instead of professionals
  • making your own décor
  • not to hire a wedding day coordinator